Dental care 101: How to brush your pet’s teeth!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  To illustrate the significance of daily oral health care for our pets, Leesburg Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Jennifer Boyle shows how easy it is to brush your pet’s teeth!   Dr. Boyle also gives some tips for daily dental maintenance since good dental care is important every day of the year – not just in February!

In addition to home care, we also encourage regular dental examinations and cleanings.  Dental treatments involve the use of general anesthesia to properly sedate the patient for treatment.  While the use of anesthesia on an otherwise healthy pet may seem unnecessary or daunting, the potential risks associated with periodontal disease (abscessed teeth, pain, bone infections, and possible life-threatening internal organ infections) pose much greater risks to your pet’s health than proper anesthesia administration.  For more information, visit the dental page on our website  or call us at 703-777-3313 to schedule a dental consultation.

To see how your pet will spend their dental day at LVH, download a copy of our dental brochure.

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