Local Girl Scout Troop earns “Pets” badge at LVH!

Besides being a beautiful and relaxing space for our clients and patients to enjoy during their veterinary visits, our hospital was also designed to be used as a meeting space for community events, education seminars, and training activities. The unique layout and size of our new facility is also the perfect place for educational group tours, giving members of the community an opportunity to observe our doctors and staff in action!

Last week, we were privileged to host a local Girl Scout group, Brownie Troop 3031.  These young ladies were working to earn their “Pets” badge.  Let’s follow along on their tour:

LVH’s Dr. Doering led the Girl Scout tour, telling the girls about the veterinary profession.

Leesburg Girl Scout Tour)1


Next, Dr. Doering demonstrated a typical canine physical exam, with her Springer Spaniel assistant, Elphie.

Veterinary physical exam

Then the girls got in on the action, performing their own exams (which included lots of hugs!).  The girls’ diagnosis – a happy and healthy canine!

Veterinary Canine Exam

Finally, the girls got a tour of the hospital including our treatment and surgery areas.  We had a wonderful time hosting this inquisitive group of young ladies – they definitely all earned their “Pets” badges!

Leesburg Veterinary Hospita girl scouts

Do you know a local group that would be interested in educational tours at our practice?  If so, contact Amy at ayorke@leeburgvet.com or call the hospital at 703-777-3313.

And for more behind-the-scenes action from LVH, check out our hospital tour video:


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