I’m sure many of you with cats at home know this situation all too well.  The time comes for Fluffy’s yearly or semi-annual wellness check-up.  You call the vet, schedule the appointment, and dig the carrier out of the attic.  However, on the day of the exam, your generally playful, social, and curious kitty clams up or runs for cover at the sight of their carrier.  Heck, even the mention of that… Read More

Here we are, in the heart (and heat!) of summer and prime vacation time!  Since our furry friends are beloved members of our family, it’s natural to want them to share in the vacation fun! Traveling with our pets can be an awesome experience – the key though, is proper planning and a little preparation beforehand.  Before you hit the road this summer, read our tips for creating a positive experience for… Read More

Dogs can get themselves injured when you least expect it… Buck is a 5-year-old neutered male German Shepherd.   He presented as a walk-in emergency the morning of February 11th.  Buck has always loved to chase the car up the driveway when his owners come home and today was no different.  However on this day something happened during his run. When the owner parked the car at the garage, she noticed Buck wasn’t… Read More

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital is proud to be celebrating the first annual AAHA-Day, today Friday, July 22nd!  The American Animal Hospital Association is the only companion animal veterinary association in North America. It is well-known for its high standards in veterinary medicine and pet care and is currently the veterinary leader in providing industry benchmarks, business practice standards, and educational programs and publications. Leesburg Veterinary Hospital is one of only about 15% of… Read More

Last week, we welcomed 6 year old Olivia to our practice. Olivia gets to have a special day each year where she chooses just one thing to do with just her and her Mom.  This year Olivia told her Mom she wanted to see what it’s like to be a vet!  Her Mom posted the question on social media and we were able to set up Olivia’s special day.  Our Office Manager,… Read More

Wow, can you believe the Fourth of July is this Monday?  It feels like summer is just getting started!  We hope all of our two-legged and four-legged friends have a great weekend with family and friends at patriotic parties and Independence Day celebrations.  As you’re celebrating the birth of our nation, please keep in mind the well-being of your furry friends.  While most of us can’t resist the spectacular display of an… Read More

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital was proud to host another TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Clinic at our hospital this past weekend. The event brings together veterinarians from a variety of Loudoun County practices and numerous volunteer support staff – all in effort to reduce overpopulation and maintain the health of our local feral cat communities. A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped make the clinic a huge success!   In all,… Read More

Recently, LVH’s Dr. Jennifer Boyle organized an Introduction to Veterinary Medicine course for area middle schoolers.  Held over the course of two weekend sessions at our practice, about 20 local students between the ages of 10 and 14 took part in exciting and stimulating workshops – all giving them an inside look into the world of veterinary medicine and the day-to-day life at a full service companion animal practice.  From understanding the… Read More

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. None of us want to think about a natural disaster or emergency situation striking our family, but if and when a crisis does occur, it’s best to be prepared as possible to safely and calmly get through the situation.  Since our pets are beloved members of our family, it’s only natural that we also be ready to help them through an emergency as well…. Read More

These days it seems there are a plethora of advertisements and television commercials for online pet pharmacies where cute cartoon animals happily retrieve their monthly tick or heartworm preventatives right from the mailman at the front door.   It’s true, online pet pharmacies are a convenient way to purchase Fido’s or Fluffy’s preventatives, chronic medications, or even prescription foods without making an extra trip to the veterinarian.  And with enticing claims such as… Read More


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