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Treating medication poisoning in dogs - Leesburg Veterinary Hospital

Our pets are naturally curious creatures. Often times, if given the time or accessibility, some will take that curiosity as an opportunity to get into substances or materials that could be harmful to them. Ellie is a 6-month old fun, loving, poodle mix that ingested an unknown quantity of human prescription medications. Luckily, Ellie‚Äôs owner was able to get her to Leesburg Veterinary Hospital within 30 minutes of ingestion of the medications…. Read More

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Will the Easter Bunny be making a stop at your house this weekend? Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe amid baskets full of candy and springtime treats. Does your furry friend want to dive into Easter treats like this guy? Learn which springtime goodies may be hazardous to your pet’s health. Image source: istock photo Candy toxicity and other seasonal poisonings spike in…