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Purcellville Fire Department Leesburg Veterinary Hospital - Pet First Aid Training

September is National Preparedness Month.  As we’ve talked about in other articles, this is a great time to think about creating disaster and emergency preparedness plans for your entire family – including pets.   To further assist our community to be prepared for emergency scenarios, Leesburg Veterinary Hospital is proud to be working with Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Stations by offering companion animal CPR and first aid training classes to our local… Read More

The American Red Cross has designated April as Pet First Aid Awareness Month.  Just as the Red Cross is oftentimes the first responder when disasters strike, they are also a leader in providing life-saving information and helping families and communities become emergency-prepared.  Two of the biggest actions they recommend to become “Red Cross Ready” is having a family disaster plan and creating an emergency first-aid kit.  Because our four-legged friends are beloved… Read More