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Easter Pet Poisons

Will the Easter Bunny be making a stop at your house? Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe amid baskets full of candy and springtime treats. Candy toxicity and other seasonal poisonings spike in veterinary hospitals around Easter.  Some items which are perfectly safe for human consumption are highly toxic for pets. Protect your pets by avoiding these 5 common holiday goodies and click on the links to get more… Read More

National Poison Prevention Week is here!  It’s a great time to provide you with an easy guide and links to all of the great articles and information available on the subject. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center responded to more than 180,000 calls in 2016 about pets exposed to potentially poisonous substances.  More than 90% of pet poisonings occur in our homes from common household products, foods, and plants.  I bet some… Read More


Did you know that March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month? Guinea pigs, hamsters, and other exotic animals can be wonderful companions and family pets; however they do require special care to keep them healthy and happy.  LVH’s Dr. Lauren Kloer gives a little insight into owning and caring for these unique animals. ~ Exotic pets are very stoic compared to the average dog or cat, having the ability to hide their illnesses up… Read More