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December is always such a fun time at LVH.  Shortly after Thanksgiving, Dr. Strickland and his wife Kim deck the hospital halls with the colors and magic of the season, literally turning the practice into a winter wonderland.  Not only does the warm and inviting atmosphere put all of us in the holiday spirit, but it’s the perfect backdrop for one of our most favorite annual events – Pictures with Santa Paws!… Read More

As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to share a positive story from this year.  This is the story of Django, a sweet little kitty who was brought into our hospital when he was only a few days old, nursed back to health by our doctors and staff, and adopted by one of our former Client Care Specialists, Emily. In late September, frisky Django escaped from his home by knocking out… Read More

Pet Vaccinations

What vaccines does my pet need? Are vaccines and annual boosters really necessary? What does each vaccine prevent against? Are there adverse side effects to over-vaccination? These are just a few of the questions we get on a regular basis regarding vaccines. Keeping track of the various pet vaccines and their associated inoculation schedules can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. Coupled with the often heated and sometimes emotional national discussions regarding… Read More

Recently, two very special local canines made headlines for their hard work and community service as members of the Leesburg Police Department.  German Shepherds’ Otto and Bak retired with honors from police work in June; they spent a combined 16 years assisting their handlers with criminal apprehensions, narcotics detections, building searches, tracking and public demonstrations. We are especially proud of these furry members of the police force, as they are also patients… Read More

One of the most unique (and fun!) business relationships we have is with local pet photographer Ellen Zangla.  Ellen is one of our clients and once we found out about her awesome skill as a pet photographer, we knew we had to work with her!  For several years, Ellen has taken the majority of photos you see on our website, social media, and other forms of marketing and advertisements.  Her work is… Read More

More Than Just a Cat Popoki was a beautiful orange and white tabby cat. He slept on his mom’s pillow every night, and on every book she read. He was loving, intelligent, and a good friend. When he passed away after living with his mom for twelve years, she was devastated. Many friends were sympathetic, but one person said, “It’s just a cat.” How wrong that person was. Animals play many roles… Read More

Have you noticed the beautiful landscaping surrounding our hospital this spring, summer, and autumn?  We are so fortunate to have a naturally gifted gardener on our staff, Lorraine James. Lorraine takes great pride in her work and it sure brings a smile to all of our faces to see a bounty of blooming colors when we pull into the hospital parking lot each morning.  Before the first frosty nights of fall strip… Read More