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Summer Pet Travel Tips

Since our furry friends are beloved members of our family, it’s natural to want them to share in the vacation fun! Traveling with our pets can be an awesome experience – the key, though, is proper planning and a little preparation beforehand.  Before you hit the road for spring or summer break, read our tips for creating a positive experience for both you and your pet, ensuring lasting memories for years to… Read More

After Dallas nurse Nina Pham tested positive for Ebola two weeks ago, a photo of her with her beloved dog Bentley went viral throughout the media world, with many people wondering the fate of the cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The concerns were warranted as a canine companion was promptly euthanized in Spain after it’s owner contracted the deadly virus. In Dallas, city officials vowed they would do everything they could to… Read More

As you may have already read on our website, LVH’s mission is to provide the best veterinary medicine and client services possible. To accomplish this goal, our staff continually strives to uphold and integrate six core values into all of our daily practice activities:   Over the past year, LVH’s practice owner, Dr. Strickland has made it a priority to keep these values fresh in our staffs’ minds.  It’s one thing to… Read More

This blog article was originally posted last spring.  Our Licensed Veterinary Technician, Sue Perkins is taking over the class as Dr. Willkom prepares to move back to her hometown in Wisconsin.  We are so going to miss Dr. Willkom but excited (and a little jealous) for Sue as she takes over puppy-duties! Ok, ok, so maybe we’re going out on a limb here by saying our lovable but rambunctious young friends will… Read More