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Rainy spring weather mosquitoes heartworm disease

Spring has sprung and with the increasing temperatures and seasonal rains, mosquitoes will soon be springing up too!  Mosquitos are the main transmitters of heartworm disease – a serious and potentially fatal disease that can affect our pets.   Heartworm disease is caused by worms that live in the pulmonary vessels (the vessels that carry blood to the heart and lungs) of infected pets. These foot-long worms (They look like strands of spaghetti –gross!) can cause severe… Read More

Seasonal Pet Allergies - Ellen Zangla Photography

This time of year we get many calls about pets that are scratching at themselves, licking their paws, having runny eyes, and are sneezing and coughing.  Pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, and if your pet is showing any of the above symptoms, we do advise a veterinary consultation.  Not every case is the same and certainly not every presentation is due to allergies – there are many other causes of itching… Read More

Consider these common myths that we sometimes hear: “I don’t live in a wooded area, so my pet can’t get ticks.” I haven’t seen any ticks on my pets, so they aren’t at risk.” “I’ve only found a few ticks on my pet, so I’m sure he’s fine.” “I don’t need to worry about applying flea and tick prevention during the colder season.” Lyme disease? What’s the big deal? Did you know… Read More

The American Red Cross has designated April as Pet First Aid Awareness Month.  Just as the Red Cross is oftentimes the first responder when disasters strike, they are also a leader in providing life-saving information and helping families and communities become emergency-prepared.  Two of the biggest actions they recommend to become “Red Cross Ready” is having a family disaster plan and creating an emergency first-aid kit.  Because our four-legged friends are beloved… Read More