As Leesburg Today’s annual Best of Loudoun contest comes to a close, we thought we’d remind you to vote for LVH and your favorite vet with a little prose… So this New Year’s Eve, please give us just a minute of your time, we promise, it’s the last (of 2014) you’ll hear us rhyme!!   Our practice is lucky to have such talented vets, voting any one of them into the top… Read More

The sweet smells of the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the comforting air of cookies, candies, and confections baking away in our homes. However, many of our favorite seasonal indulgences contain chocolate or cocoa, making them not-so-friendly treats for our pets. Chocolate consists of two chemical compounds that are toxic to dogs – theobromine and caffeine. Theobromine is particularly harmful because dogs metabolize this compound much more slowly than humans. A… Read More

December is always such as a fun time at LVH.  Shortly after Thanksgiving, Dr. Strickland and his wife Kim deck the hospital halls with the colors and magic of the season, literally turning the practice into a winter wonderland.  Not only does the warm and inviting atmosphere put all of us in the holiday spirit, but it’s the perfect backdrop for one of our most favorite annual events – Pictures with Santa… Read More

The first week of November sure was a busy time for the doctors and staff at LVH.   On Thursday November 5th, after months of planning, the practice underwent a major IT transformation, as all of our medical and communications software were switched to a more paper-light system. (Sayonara paper files!) One of our goals of becoming a paperless practice is to have superior organization and efficiency, which in turn will allow you… Read More

Have you noticed the beautiful landscaping surrounding our hospital this spring, summer, and autumn?  We are so fortunate to have a naturally gifted gardener on our staff, Lorraine James. Lorraine takes great pride in her work and it sure brings a smile to all of our faces to see a bounty of blooming colors when we pull into the hospital parking lot each morning.  Before the first frosty nights of fall strip… Read More

The fun and excitement of Halloween is fast approaching this weekend. Maybe you’re gearing up for a night of trick-or-treating with little goblins, masquerading at a party with friends, or getting scared silly on a haunted hay ride. Whatever the event, your night will most likely include indulging in some holiday treats.  Unfortunately, many of our favorite Halloween candies and sweets are toxic to our pets.  There’s certainly nothing spookier than a… Read More

After Dallas nurse Nina Pham tested positive for Ebola two weeks ago, a photo of her with her beloved dog Bentley went viral throughout the media world, with many people wondering the fate of the cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The concerns were warranted as a canine companion was promptly euthanized in Spain after it’s owner contracted the deadly virus. In Dallas, city officials vowed they would do everything they could to… Read More

Joanne has a special place in her heart for our senior patients and those with special needs.  Read about a few that have made a lasting impact. Choosing a favorite case or patient is difficult. There are so many patients with whom I love to work, and I feel guilty choosing just one. I love to work with senior pets, and most of my favorites are grey muzzles. A cocker spaniel named… Read More

We continue our celebration of National Veterinary Technician Week this Wednesday with a cute patient memory from Sue: My favorite patient at LVH is a happy, geriatric boxer named Toby.  He comes in every month for a Percorten injection (to control an adrenal gland disorder).  He has his whole exam routine down to a science and makes me happy every time I see him!

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week and our technicians are sharing some of their favorite patient and pet memories from the past year.  We’re starting off with a heart-warming story from our Senior LVT, Kimberly Shaffer. Kimberly Shaffer, LVH’s Senior LVT. Image Source: Ellen Zangla Photography   My favorite work memory was assisting Dr. Kloer with a complicated pro-bono surgery on a cat that had an unusual finding on an ultrasound.  This finding… Read More

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital recognizes that our beloved pets begin to need a little extra TLC as they age.  In honor of our canine family members approaching their senior years (6-8 years of age), and for those that are entering their geriatric stages (over 8 years of age), we are offering a complimentary Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo Test when you bring your pet in for a senior comprehensive bloodwork panel. The Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo… Read More

Last Sunday, a group of LVH doctors, technicians, and assistants met bright and early at the hospital to spay and neuter pets up for adoption at a local rescue.  While many people were taking advantage of the weekend to sleep in or soak up some summer sun, our team was busy in the surgical suites, getting six animals from the Humane Society of Washington County, MD ready for their forever homes. Volunteering… Read More