Last weekend, many festive felines and decorated doggies came out to the hospital to visit with our very own Santa Paws, Dr. Mike Strickland.  Our Client Care Specialist and resident photographer, Julee, always does an amazing job capturing the visits with the Big Man and this year was no exception!  Take a look at her beautiful photos and our crazy cute patients below. Our Pictures with Santa event is always extra-special because… Read More

This past weekend, members of the local veterinary community came together to help a group of the sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Middleburg Humane Foundation contacted Leesburg Veterinary Hospital to aid in the care of these adorable dogs which were seized and saved from a regional backyard breeding/hoarding situation. Before the dogs could be adopted, they needed proper medical exams and care. Foster homes for Middleburg Humane Foundation have been caring for… Read More

What is pet insurance? Pet insurance is a way to plan for the unexpected. Dealing with pet accidents or illnesses are traumatic enough. Coupled with the thought of how you’re going to pay for unexpected pet care can make these situations extremely stressful. In many cases, pet owners have to make medical decisions based on what they can afford. Pet insurance offers peace of mind and helps alleviate financial anxieties in times… Read More

The following piece was adapted from Dr. Michael Strickland’s current article in the Purcellville Gazette, in honor of “blessing of the animals” day this weekend.  The Loudoun County community will celebrate this event on Saturday October 3, 2015 at St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg.  The Rev. Mark Feather and The Rev. Kate Bryant will proclaim God’s blessing on all of God’s creatures, both great and small, in the church’s parking lot… Read More

The following piece was written by our events and social media coordinator, Amy. I remember the day we got our precious dog, Elphie. We had everything set up in the house ready for her. My husband and I were bursting with excitement to have our very own puppy. We had read books and watched shows; we wanted to work hard at training and create a positive puppy experience for both her and… Read More

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital recognizes that our beloved pets begin to need a little extra TLC as they age.  In honor of our canine family members approaching their senior years (6-8 years of age), and for those that are entering their geriatric stages (over 8 years of age), we are offering a complimentary Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo Test when you bring your pet in for a senior comprehensive bloodwork panel. The Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo… Read More

What vaccines does my pet need? Are vaccines and annual boosters really necessary? What does each vaccine prevent against? Are there adverse side effects to over-vaccination? These are just a few of the questions we get on a regular basis regarding vaccines. Keeping track of the various pet vaccines and their associated inoculation schedules can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. Coupled with the often heated and sometimes emotional national discussions regarding… Read More

Recently, two very special local canines made headlines for their hard work and community service as members of the Leesburg Police Department.  German Shepherds’ Otto and Bak retired with honors from police work in June; they spent a combined 16 years assisting their handlers with criminal apprehensions, narcotics detections, building searches, tracking and public demonstrations. We are especially proud of these furry members of the police force, as they are also patients… Read More

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Wow, can you believe the Fourth of July is this weekend?  It feels like summer is just getting started!  We hope all of our two-legged and four-legged friends have a great weekend with family and friends at patriotic parties and Independence Day celebrations.  As you’re celebrating the birth of our nation, please keep in mind the well-being of your furry friends.  While most of us can’t…

One of the most unique (and fun!) business relationships we have is with local pet photographer Ellen Zangla.  Ellen is one of our clients and once we found out about her awesome skill as a pet photographer, we knew we had to work with her!  For several years, Ellen has taken the majority of photos you see on our website, social media, and other forms of marketing and advertisements.  Her work is… Read More

Update as of August 27, 2015: We were proud to host another TNR Clinic at our hospital last weekend.  A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped make the clinic a huge success.  We had a total of 70 volunteers, including 11 veterinarians, 21 trappers, and medical and support persons.  In all, 91 cats were spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, then returned to their cat colonies. To… Read More

Consider these common myths that we sometimes hear: “I don’t live in a wooded area, so my pet can’t get ticks.” I haven’t seen any ticks on my pets, so they aren’t at risk.” “I’ve only found a few ticks on my pet, so I’m sure he’s fine.” “I don’t need to worry about applying flea and tick prevention during the colder season.” Lyme disease? What’s the big deal? Did you know… Read More