The 22nd Winter Olympic Games kick off this weekend in Sochi, Russia.   Many of us, sports fans and non-fans alike, look forward to the Games, as it’s an opportunity to see the world’s best athletes come together and compete on their sport’s biggest stage.  The Olympic Games give us a great excuse to curl up in front of the television with snacks or cocoa on these cold February nights.  But watching the… Read More

These days it seems there are a plethora of advertisements and television commercials for online pet pharmacies where cute cartoon animals happily retrieve their monthly tick or heartworm preventatives right from the mailman at the front door.   It’s true, online pet pharmacies are a convenient way to purchase Fido’s or Fluffy’s preventatives, chronic medications, or even prescription foods without making an extra trip to the veterinarian.  And with enticing claims such as… Read More

A cute little black and white hamster named Oreo had a tumor on top of his head for quite some time.  Recently however, his owners had noticed a sudden increase in the growth of the mass.  After discussing the risks versus benefits of anesthesia and surgery in a geriatric hamster with Dr. Kloer, Oreo’s family elected for surgery. All Posts In late November, just two weeks after his second birthday, Dr. Kloer… Read More

In honor of our tagline, “News and notes straight from the horse’s (and dog’s and cat’s) mouth,” we thought it would be fitting that our introductory post was literally about what is going on in your pet’s mouth.  Well…what did you see?   And what did you SMELL?  Look closely now and don’t be surprised if they aren’t pearly white! Because a pet’s mouth is difficult to see and thus evaluate, the oral… Read More