It’s Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Shelter Appreciation Week - Leesburg Veterinary Hospital

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital is excited to be celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week from November 5th – November 11th.  We are so fortunate to have many wonderful animal shelters and rescue organizations here in the Leesburg and Northern Virginia area, with countless volunteers, dedicating their time to help pets in need.

Our local shelters and rescues work hard every day to help homeless animals while they wait for their forever home.  Besides being a safe haven for many animals, these organizations also strive to be a source of education and outreach for our community.  Many shelters look into cruelty and neglect cases, provide spay/neuter services and hold educational seminars.

Thank you to all our of local shelters for all that you do!

Have you been thinking about adopting a pet or looking for volunteer opportunities in our community?  National Animal Shelter Week is the perfect time to rescue a furry friend in need or volunteer.

Here’s a list of our local animal shelters and rescues and a few ideas of how you can get involved:

Loudoun County Animal Services

Loudoun County Animal Shelter

The Loudoun County Government’s Department of Animal Services manages the Loudoun County Animal Shelter in Waterford, VA. Besides offering humane accommodations for homeless pets, Loudoun County Animal Services maintains animal control, responds to wildlife issues, and puts on educational seminars for students and residents in the county.  Partnering with the Humane Society of Loudoun County and Loudoun Hunger Relief, LCAS also runs the Pet Pantry, which provides pet food and supplies to local families in need.

Looking to help the Loudoun County Animal Shelter but can’t adopt?  The shelter is currently accepting donations to help keep pets as comfortable as possible.  Items such as washcloths, standard 6 foot (non-retractable) leashes, and stimulating cat toys are needed.

Humane Society of Loudoun County

Humane Society of Loudoun County

The Humane Society of Loudoun County (HSLC) is a no-kill animal shelter and community outreach organization.  The HSLC works hard to educate the community on saving animal lives and provides several programs to support this mission.  HSLC partners with many local veterinarians (including Leesburg Veterinary Hospital!) to offer reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries for Loudoun County residents.  We also waive the initial exam fee for any pet adopted from the Humane Society – download a copy of that certicate here.

In an effort to help control the overpopulation of our local feral cat communities, HSLC also takes part in trap-neuter-return  programs.  Leesburg Veterinary Hospital has been a proud host of several trap-neuter-return events.  You can read about those events here.

HSLC is always looking for foster parents.  Check out their website to see all the ways you can help.

Middleburg Humane Foundation

Middleburg Humane Foundation

Middleburg Humane Foundation operates a 4.5 acre farm shelter in Marshall, VA for neglected, abused, and at-risk animals both large and small.  You can learn more about the shelter or ways you can help by visiting their website.  We also offer a courtesy exam for any pet adopted from Middleburg Humane Foundation – download the certificate here

A few other great local rescue organizations include:



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