The Buck Stops Here: A cautionary tale about a run in with a rock!

Buck Trauma Case - Leesburg Veterinary Hospital

Dogs can get themselves injured when you least expect it…

Buck is a 5-year-old neutered male German Shepherd.   He presented as a walk-in emergency the morning of February 11th.  Buck has always loved to chase the car up the driveway when his owners come home and today was no different.  However on this day something happened during his run. When the owner parked the car at the garage, she noticed Buck wasn’t there to greet her.  Instead, he was laying in the middle of the driveway, unable to get up right away.  When he finally rose, he was limping and bleeding.  (It is suspected that Buck was so excited and focused on the car that he may have accidentally run straight into a large rock while chasing the car.)

When they got to the house, Buck’s owner noticed severe swelling around the right side of Buck’s head and right eye and significant bleeding from his wounds.

Buck arrived at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital alert but painful – he had moderate trouble walking and severe swelling over the right side of his face—particularly around his eye.

Buck was in pain and doesn’t particularly love for veterinarians to examine him even when he isn’t feeling so uncomfortable, so his condition was assessed.  Once Dr. Boyle determined he was stable, we gave him a combination of a strong analgesic (pain medication) and sedative to facilitate placing an IV catheter and to further evaluate his injuries.  This included a full oral/pharyngeal exam and radiographs of his skull.


Leesburg Veterinary Hospital pet xrays

Example of one of Buck’s skull radiographs – oblique view

The oral exam and radiographs revealed there was not any damage to his teeth or jaw and there were no large skull fractures.  Due to the severity of the swelling and bleeding, it was highly suspected that he had some smaller skull fractures, but further imaging with a CT scan was financially out of reach.

The decision was made to treat Buck supportively with IV fluids and antibiotics, pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and to continue close monitoring.  The most important things we monitored were his neurological status (to be sure signs of swelling around his brain were not noted), and his respiratory status (to be sure signs of pulmonary contusions wouldn’t develop), and to monitor his pain levels.
Leesburg Veterinary Hospital strives to provide the most comprehensive and complete pain management possible with each pet.
Fortunately, Buck did very well throughout the day, he was transferred to the local 24-hour veterinary facility for further monitoring once we were closed for the evening and he continued to do well.  Buck came back to Leesburg Veterinary Hospital the next day with Dr. Kloer caring for him. He was discharged to go home at the end of the day on oral medications and soft food.
Leesburg Veterinary Hospital pet trauma

This was Buck the day after his injury. Much of his swelling had already significantly decreased, but he was still not feeling well.

Buck has been rechecked twice since his initial injury and he even came in to say hello and get some treats on this birthday—March 17th.  Buck is doing very well – he is no longer limping and all of the swelling has resolved with just a bony callous where we suspect he had small fracture(s).
Buck’s Dad, who is currently serving in our military, wrote us a thank you letter shortly after Buck’s treatment and release from LVH.  We were so touched by his kind words and love for his buddy (Buck was the “Best Man” in his wedding!), we felt compelled to share:

This is the finest animal treatment facility I have EVER dealt with, EVER.  I am writing this review from Afghanistan. My wife is located back in Leesburg, and our German Shepherd “Buck” owes his life to the ladies at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital.  I have not had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Strickland.  However, I personally spoke with Dr. Kloer and Dr. Boyle, and I will tell you that these ladies CARE. My wife spent the better part of the day there yesterday, and the staff made her feel at home.


Buck went in after a horrific accident.  He was immediately treated for his trauma.  After he was stabilized, the staff took superb care of him, and when he required care overnight, they did every bit of the coordination for him to be transferred to an overnight facility, and then back to their office in the morning.  This may have been one of the most traumatic events of my wife and my life, exacerbated further by the fact I am deployed. However, the Leesburg Veterinary family took every ounce of worry and fear out of the entire process.


Both Dr. Kloer and Dr. Boyle took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to personally speak with me on the phone, despite telling my wife all the same information.  The tech staff is also beyond phenomenal!  They too took time to make sure my wife was informed and comfortable, despite the horrible circumstances.


The front office staff was also very supportive and helpful.  I want to personally recognize Ms. Tegler, the office manager.  She was so concerned with the proper care of our furry guy that the LAST thing she was concerned about was finances.  She personally cares so very much about her patients, that she cried with me on the phone with me and made a personal effort to ensure I had all the information as if I was there, despite being over 7,000 miles away.


I am so grateful for all the staff here – they care for their patients as if they were their own animals.  Their non-emergency service is just as phenomenal.  As a military family, we have gone through a NUMBER of vets, and I can honestly tell you, there is not a better vet in the US, let alone in Leesburg. If you are looking for a great vet and you live within 100 miles of Leesburg, look no further!”

Buck Trauma Case - Leesburg Veterinary Hospital

Buck came to visit us recently. He liked Dr. Bolye a lot more now that he was feeling better – she was able to give some treats!


Buck Trauma Case Leesburg Veterinary Hospital

He even rolled over for some belly rubs!

Update – July 2016

Buck came in to see Dr. Boyle in late July.  After originally having severe muscle atrophy on the right side of his head from likely nerve damage, the nerve has healed over the past  6 months and his head is symmetrical again.  Buck and his family are moving to California.  We will miss his entire family, but glad Buck is doing well;  we wish them well on the West Coast!
Buck McGeorge update - July 2016

Buck is doing well and his nerve damage has healed considerably 6 months following the initial injury.



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