Annual “Pictures with Santa Paws” Exceeds Expectations, Aids Benevolent Fund

Last weekend, many festive felines and decorated doggies came out to the hospital to visit with our very own Santa Paws, Dr. Mike Strickland.  Our Client Care Specialist and resident photographer, Julee, always does an amazing job capturing the visits with the Big Man and this year was no exception!  Take a look at her beautiful photos and our crazy cute patients below.

Our Pictures with Santa event is always extra-special because donations benefit Leesburg Veterinary Hospital’s Benevolent Fund.  We all know how difficult it can be to make decisions regarding veterinary care when finances are limited.  The LVH Benevolent Fund is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) endowment that provides support to those clients who cannot afford veterinary care.  This fund has been a source of hope for families, especially during times of critical and end-of-life care.  We are continually amazed and thankful for our client’s dedication to not only their own pet’s health, but the well-being of the entire Loudoun County pet community. This year, our clients’ generosity was  incredible with almost $1,000 being raised in just one afternoon!

If you’ve been thinking about donating to a charity this holiday season or before the end of the year, please consider our Benevolent Fund.   Your generosity may help save a special friend for someone in need.  To download our donation form, visit the “Hospital Forms” page of our website, or CLICK HERE. We thank all of our clients who are keeping the true spirit of Christmas alive this holiday season and embracing our motto of “Caring is What We Do Best!”

1. Apollo Buchholz Santa Paws 2015

Apollo the Boxer looking dapper as always!

Golden Retrievers Brodie and Sophie posing pretty with the Big Guy!

Golden Retrievers Brodie and Sophie posing pretty with the Big Guy!

With names like Cranberry and Giblet, it's hard for these cute kitties, not to be in the holiday spirit!

With names like Cranberry and Giblet, it’s hard for these cute kitties not to be in the holiday spirit!

5. Frodo and Kepler Bryson and Mokey Robinson Santa Paws 2015

Frodo the Miniature Schnauzer, Moki the Chihuahua mix, and Kepler the Coonhound all look warm and toasty by the fire!

This trio loved keeping Santa company. From left, Ginger the Dachshund, Chili the Chihuahua, and Gidget the Dachshund.

Even Mom joined in the fun with her Toy Poodle, Lily, and Dakota the cat.

Even Mom joined in the fun with her Toy Poodle, Lily, and Dakota the cat.

8. Lily Griffin Santa Paws 2015

Lovely Lilly the Shih Tzu. Her beautiful fur matches the trim on Santa’s suit!

10. Mia Pisone and Santa 2015

This adorable Yellow Lab puppy, Mia, has a lot to be merry for this holiday – it’s her first Christmas!

11. Misty Stewart Santa Paws 2015

Misty the Collie thinks she’s a reindeer! With that gorgeous coat, she’d definitely stay warm at the North Pole!

12. Roscoe and Maddie Wiley Santa Paws 2015

Rosco the Rhodesian Ridgeback (left) looks like he’s saying “Merry Christmas” while, Maddie the Basenji Mix poses perfectly with her festive bow!

14. Yvette and Desiree Lindberg Santa Paws 2015

What a pair of Miniature Poodles! Adorned with the colors of the season, Yvette and Desiree shine!

15. Django Carr Santa Paws 2015

Dearest Django is feeling extra jolly this season and is glad to be visiting with Santa Paws!

Thanks again to all of our wonderful clients and patients who came out for a fun and festive afternoon!



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