Local Veterinary Community to the Rescue!

This past weekend, members of the local veterinary community came together to help a group of the sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Middleburg Humane Foundation contacted Leesburg Veterinary Hospital to aid in the care of these adorable dogs which were seized and saved from a regional backyard breeding/hoarding situation.

Before the dogs could be adopted, they needed proper medical exams and care. Foster homes for Middleburg Humane Foundation have been caring for these dogs for several weeks, nursing them back to a healthier state. As this breed is prone to severe heart disease, our local cardiology specialists at CVCA also donated their time to evaluate the dogs’ hearts in preparation for their spay/neuter and dental care needs.

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital graciously donated the space (and a few staff members!) for the dental treatments and spay/neuter surgeries. Many area veterinarians, medical support staff, and non-medical volunteers donated their time on Sunday December 6th to help provide the much-needed services. In all, 27 dogs were spayed or neutered with 17 of them having major dental work performed.

We thank everyone who helped this weekend.  We are also happy to report that the response for the dogs has been overwhelming.  Currently, Middleburg Humane Foundation has received 150 adoption applications.  All of the Cavaliers have been adopted and will be placed in loving homes soon!

Please browse through the gallery of pictures below for a behind-the-scenes peek at the clinic and some sweet shots of the pups.

1. Surgery Prep

Paperwork and IV catheters are prepared.

3. Surgery Prep-edited

4. Surgery Prep-edited

5. Surgery- Dental-edited

Joanne Scott and Lori Havens intubate a female spaniel.

12. Surgery Prep-edited

2. Surgery Prep-edited

Dr. Paugh and Roberta prepare a cutie for surgery.

8. Surgery-edited

Dr Boyle of LVH works on a patient while a technician monitors anesthesia.

Dr Boyle of LVH works on a patient while a technician monitors anesthesia.

6. Surgery-edited

Dr. Kloer -sx-edited

9. Post-op-edited

Recovery after surgery – the dogs are kept warm to help them recover more quickly from their procedures.

13. Post-op-edited

14. Post op-edited

11. Tech with pup-edited

Jessica Sanderson, a tech at the Veterinary Surgical Centers in Leesburg (and former vet assistant at LVH) cuddles with her patient after surgery.




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