Blood work an important component of senior pet wellness care.

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital recognizes that our beloved pets begin to need a little extra TLC as they age.  In honor of our canine family members approaching their senior years (6-8 years of age), and for those that are entering their geriatric stages (over 8 years of age), we are offering a complimentary Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo Test when you bring your pet in for a senior comprehensive bloodwork panel.

The Heartworm-Tick Disease Combo test screens for Heartworm Disease (a disease transmitted to your pet from mosquitoes) and three tick-borne diseases – Lyme, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis.  Ticks are extremely prevalent in Loudoun County and we recommend this test throughout the entire year – not just the warm summer months.

Why is blood work an important part of my senior pet’s wellness care?

Our pets cannot tell us how they are feeling, rather it’s usually how they look or act that tells us something is wrong.  Yearly or semi-annual blood testing shows us the earliest signs of illness, often before your pet seems to be sick.  This lab work gives us immediate insight into illnesses that might otherwise be hard to discover.   Early awareness usually leads to more effective treatment plans for your pet and lower costs for you.  And for healthy pets just entering their senior years, blood tests can be used as a baseline assessment for future comparisons as your pet ages.

Check out Pet Health Network’s video for tips on caring for your senior dog and the importance of annual blood screenings.  Pet Health Network has a wealth of information for dogs and cats of all ages – we encourage you to check out their site here.

Please mention this offer when scheduling your senior canine’s comprehensive bloodwork panel to receive the complimentary heartworm-tick screening.  Promotion valid through October 8, 2015.

For more detailed information on how to keep your senior pet happy and healthy, download our Senior Pet Care Handout.



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