Firework Fear? Help pets feel safe and secure this Independence Day and all summer long!

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

This article was originally posted in July 2014 but has been updated for the upcoming July 4th holiday.

Leesburg Vet Blog

Wow, can you believe the Fourth of Julyis this weekend?  It feels like summer is just getting started!  We hope all of our two-legged and four-legged friends have a great weekend with family and friends at patriotic parties and Independence Day celebrations. 

As you’re celebrating the birth of our nation, please keep in mind the well-being of your furry friends.  While most of us can’t resist the spectacular display of an all-American fireworks show, the bombs bursting in air can sometimes be overwhelming for our pets.  Take a moment to read our suggestions for helping your pet enjoy a happy and safe holiday.

Keep them calm, all evening long!

Common signs of noise-related stress can include shaking, panting, excessive drooling, hiding, and trying to run in or out of the house.   Once the festivities begin, keep your pet in a safe room where they feel comfortable.   Both cats and…

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