2014 is going away…so is your chance to vote for LVH as “Best Vet” in Leesburg Today!

As Leesburg Today’s annual Best of Loudoun contest comes to a close,

we thought we’d remind you to vote for LVH and your favorite vet with a little prose…

So this New Year’s Eve, please give us just a minute of your time,

we promise, it’s the last (of 2014) you’ll hear us rhyme!!


Our practice is lucky to have such talented vets, voting any one of them into the top spot sure is an easy bet!


So who’s your top doc??

Click on the links below to read some of our most memorable blog posts from each vet this year, and then vote for your favorite here

But hurry, before time runs out on the 2014 clock!


2015 Best of Loudoun H_LT


Maybe your furry friends are particularly loyal for the love and attention they receive from Dr. Jennifer Boyle.

Here, Dr. Boyle is getting cozy with this cute kitty.

Here, Dr. Boyle cozies up with a cute kitty patient.  Click here to read her popular article on the dangers of chocolate for our pets.


How about some campaigning for Dr. Mallory Willkom’s early puppy socialization training?

This year, Dr. Willkom led monthly puppy socialization and training classes.  Click here to read about the fun they had each week!


Did Dr. Lauren Kloer gain some merit, by caring for her extra cute and cuddly exotics and pocket pet patients – you know, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, birds, and even ferrets?!


Dr. Kloer with "Drake" the Senegal parrot.  Image source: J Sealor Photography

Drake, the Senegal Parrot loves to visit with Dr. Kloer.  Click here to read if owning a pocket pet or exotic animal is right for you.


We don’t want to get overly sentimental, but we’re glad Dr. Betsy Henly got up close and personal, teaching us the importance of dog and cat dentals!

1-Dr. Henly

Did you know good dental hygiene is important for your pet’s overall physical health?  Read more from Dr. Henly here.


Welcoming Dr. Adrianne Doering to our team this year marked the return of acupuncture – pins, and needles.  Her treatments have been a hit, and not just with beagles!

Dr. Doering performs acupuncture on Noah, a 12 year old BeagleDr. Doering performs acupuncture on dogs of all ages and sizes. To learn more, check out the acupuncture page on our website.


Last but not least, we must not forget LVH’s main man, our head honcho, the big cheese… Dr. Mike Strickland would be incredibly honored if you voted him Best Vet for the 6th year please!



Thank you to all of our clients and patients for making 2014 a fun and memorable year. We look forward to continuing our commitment of providing the best veterinary medicine for our entire animal family in the New Year!

See you 2015,

The doctors and staff at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital



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